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Veterinary Treatment with TheraCell


pferd-behandlung-totaleThe treatment with TheraCell® can take place contactfree. Prior to the treatment, all items made from metal or containing metal such as jewelry, watches, bank cards, etc. have to be placed outside a range of at least 2 meters.

A careful medical history with clinical inspection of the animal should be the first step. If necessary, perform further tests via x-ray and ultrasonic means. According to our screening of animals is inadvisable. Generally, start with an intensity of 50%, and with a frequency of 2 Hz, independent from the final intensity chosen in the course of the therapy.

Sometimes it is better to work from a distance of several centimeters above the treatment area, and not to have contact to the body. This does not have an impact on the treatment. The intensity should be reduced immediately if the animal does not deem the higher intensity to be comfortable. General therapy duration of 12 minutes per session has proven to be sufficient. Of course, the treatment duration is variable and individual.




falke Treatment with Theracell®. The treatment loop is positioned where the treatment is needed and the treatment parameters are adjusted to the animal. pferd-huf