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TheraCell's Model of Operation


Theracell-SpuleThe ‘high-energetic impulse therapy HIT®’ of TheraCell® works on the principle of Nikola Tesla, who was already engaged in nineteenth century with high-voltage and high-frequency technologies and their medical effects.

In the TheraCell® a high voltage generator builds up a voltage of 15-30 kV that is discharged very fast. The energy is transmitted to a specially designed triply twisted treatment loop that generates a high-energy pulse. The intensity (40-76 millitesla) is about 1000 times stronger than the earth’s magnetic field at the surface (approx. 40 micro-tesla). Thus, the cell membranes can be penetrated and there is a therapeutic effect on the cell.

Many patients notice the impact of this high-energy impulse during treatment. The individual pulses are transmitted to the body at a low application frequency of about 1 to 3 Hertz. The very short duration of each pulse ensures that there is no temperature increase in the tissue. The high-energy pulses penetrates the tissue as deep as 18 cm. The parameters “intensity”, “application frequency” and “application duration” can be regulated by separate control buttons. Thus, the device can be adjusted to the needs of each individual client.