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TheraCell Indications in Human Usage


Typical areas of application are: degenerative arthropathies, pain therapies, fractures in the process of healing, sporting injuries and skin diseases. TheraCell® can be applied stand-alone as well as an additional diagnosis and therapy option.


Patients have been successfully treated with the following indications:

  • chronic pain
  • joint and muscular diseases
  • neurological diseases
  • urological/gynaecological diseases


Further areas of application are:

  • sustainable pain therapy
  • faster regeneration of muscular diseases
  • faster wound and bone healing



Herzschrittmacher Kreditkarte Mobiltelefon elektronische Schlüssel und Uhren

Cardiac pace makers or other sensitive electronic implants, epilepsy, condition after organ transplants and immune suppression, severe cardiac arrhythmia, acute and severe infections.