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Technical Facts about TheraCell

Datasheet TheraCell®
Charging Device 500 J/s
Voltage adjustable (intensity) 15 ... 30 kV
Capacity of the capacitor ca. 0,1 μF
Inductance of the treatment loop ca. 4,75 μH
Discharge peak value 2 ... 4 kA
Resonant fundamental frequency 200 ... 230 kHz
Pulse duration 100 … 150 μs
Flux density in the centre of the treatment loop, peak value 40 ... 80 mT
Magnetic field intensity in the centre of the treatment loop, peak value ca. 35.000 … 68.000 A/m
Repetition rate, adjustable … 3 Hz
Application duration, adjustable ... 20 min






The technical parts of the device are integrated into a robust, tilt resistant plastic casing. The parameters magnetic flux density (intensity), frequency and application duration can be regulated individually with an easy plain and simple operating digital display.

Dimensions of TheraCell® are app.
127x50x50 cm (50x20x20 inch)

TheraCell_Anzeige_smallThese parameters are displayed digitally in a large, easily legible display and can be retained and accessed for future treatments. A total of 100 individual treatment programs can be stored.