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The Treatment with TheraCell

The screening with TheraCell

The treatment with TheraCell® can take place contact-free; there is no need for the patient to undress. Before treatment, all items which are sensitive of electromagnetic fields such as watches, bank cards, car keys etc. have to be placed outside a range of at least 2 meters. The source of pain is localized by the therapist during a screening with TheraCell® before the actual treatment. The treatment loop is slowly guided along the patients body. At a pain source, the patient distinctly notices the impact of the high-energetic pulses.

For the screening, the intensity is adjusted to 100% and the frequency to 2.5 Hz. The treatment duration can be adjusted to anything between 5 and 10 minutes. Then, the therapist slowly guides the treatment loop along the patient’s body, starting at the shoulder area and ending at the feet. When the loop reaches a pain source, the patient usually feels a pulsating and tugging pain.


The treatment with TheraCellThis area is then treated. Initially, a low setting is chosen and the intensity of the magnetic field is gradually increased until the patient starts noticing the impact. Under no circumstances should the treatment be unpleasant or painful. The duration of the treatment of one area lasts between 5 and 20 minutes. If ecessary, the treatment can be repeated.

The patient chooses a comfortable position for the treatment. The treatment loop is then positioned where the treatment is needed and the treatment parameters are adjusted to the patient.




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