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TheraCell in Veterinarian Usage


pferd-sprungTheraCell® is a medical device for treatment of local non-invasive complaints. The electric-physiological effect of the high-energetic impulse therapy - HIT® is described in the pages for the application by TheraCell® in the human medicine and is valid comparatively in the veterinary medicine.

Beside the electrotherapy methods known in the veterinary medicine the HIT® with TheraCell® takes an exceptional position. Due to the new procedure scientific reports from the veterinary medicine are still rare, nevertheless, available reports from the area of the human medicine can be often transferred. The HIT® therapy finds particular application regarding the effect on the cell membrane, in pain therapy and in bone healing. In addition to this, internal observations with experienced vets during the application have shown excellent results while treating with TheraCell® with racing (sports) horses, in the breeding of birds and with small animals like cats and dogs.

TheraCell® offers a new and unique way of treatment that is completely non-invasive. The therapy is easy to apply, fast and well tolerated by animals. A TheraCell® treatment lasts between five and twenty minutes. If required, the treatment can be repeated or performed on several body parts consecutively. Due to its simple application, the treatment is comfortable for animal and user. During the TheraCell® therapy the addition by drugs can be reduced drastically or be stopped also completely. Veterinaries who treat sport horses with TheraCell® report that they can go on working while the current period of therapy is running. With it, e.g., the inactive period due to sick leave can be shortened by tournament horses drastically.