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The Cellular Therapy with TheraCell


zellen-gruppeTheraCell® uses the high-energetic impulse therapy two basic physical processes. In the one hand, the conductivity of the living tissue is used to stimulate the electric fields of the cells by high energetic impulses (HI) by which it comes to the flow of small currents in the tissue to be treated. On the other hand the force effect of the impulses can develop propagate nearly unhindered over the tissue to be treated and work on available dipoles, paramagnetic molecules and biochemical reactions [1].

Since the effectiveness of HI's on bacteria, plants and animals and on the human organism became known, scientists dealt with the molecular bases now a living cell converts HI's into cellular information. Additionally it became clear that the cells themselves are small electric power stations and work HI on the electric potentials of the cell with which the cells can communicate together or can release a huge number of processes. Furthermore one found molecules and proteins in the cells which can allow the energy of the HI to flow into chemical processes. Generally the known energetic effect from HI concerning the dynamic acceleration by running off chemical reactions in the cell, leads, however to many additional effects.

In 2008 Buchachenko could show that the energy in around a so-called “radical pair of mechanism” can be used to increase of the synthesis rate of the cell fuel Adenosintriphosphat (ATP) by 50% [3]. Beside reaction activities are raised by specified proteins like sodium-calcium proton pumps and by Cytochromoxidase in the respiratory chain of the cell, which leads to, in the end, a higher energy potential in the cell. Cell-central calcium ion level leads to the rise energy of the HI. This can entail again the activation of the classical signal cascades in and between the cells. [1, 3-6]. The electric physiology of the cell, the metabolism of the cell membrane, the need of the suitable membrane potential and their effective influencing of external energy supply is from Alberts et al. summed up clearly in [7].

Investigations and scientific reports of these studies show that by a high-energetic impulse therapy, like the one that can be activated in the TheraCell®, the metabolism can be activated. With it the cell functions can be normalised and illness discomfort positively influenced.

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