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History of the GUTH Meditec


GUTH Meditec GmbH was founded at the end of 2006 as an affiliated company of Guth High Voltage GmbH - electro engineering.

In 2002 Guth High Voltage GmbH started to develop electrical medicine devices. The first development was a therapeutical device for the treatment of orthopaedic pain.

In 2003 it was launched under the brand name REGATRON which was changed to ‘REHATRON alpha’ later. As a result of further development we created TheraCell®. This opened up new distribution channels which among other things led to the spin-off medical device branch of Guth GmbH and, at the end of 2006, to the founding of GUTH Meditec GmbH.

Today GUTH Meditec GmbH, together with experienced engineers, develops electro medical devices for the treatment of a diverse range of diseases and illnesses. Currently a very promising medical device for cancer therapy is awaiting official approval. The method of therapy the device provides is known as electro-cancer-therapy (ECT) or as galvanotherapy.