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Informations about the Internal Area




What is this internal area?


The internal area of the GUTH Meditec separates content from the public area. If you want to use the internal area you have to login or register. This is necessary to verify your identity for the German "Law on Advertising in the Health Care System".

After login, you have access to:

  • Human Case Studies
  • Veterinary Case Studies
  • Documents (only with GUTH Meditec Login)
  • Image-Pool (only with GUTH Meditec Login)


How do I register?


To register for a GUTH Meditec Login:

  1. Fill out our registration form.
  2. Activate your account by clicking the activation link enclosed in the first confirmation email.
  3. GUTH Meditec will then verify your identity. This process might take one or two days. If we can't verify your identity, we will contact you through email.
  4. Finally you get a second confirmation email.

After receiving the second confirmation email, your account has been created successfully and is ready to use.

Make sure the email-address ________ is not blocked by Spam and/or Junk-Email Filter.


What is DocCheck?


Go to


Advantages of the GUTH Meditec Login


With a GUTH Meditec Login you have full access to the internal area of the GUTH Meditec. You can download pictures for your Websites / Catalogue / Flyer / Presentations. You have access to documents and data sheets.

Use all the advantages of a GUTH Meditec Login and register today - for free!



  • Do you have problems with your email-address? Contact us.
  • Do you think your user account is being abused? Contact us.
  • You can edit your account details online. Go to your user account.
  • Forgot your Password? Get a new one.
  • Forgot your Username? We will send you an email.


Data privacy


We do not share personal data with other companies for marketing or any other purposes.